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Grinders - The Heart of DukeLite Brand

Our grinders are manufactured with the highest level of quality, featuring great design and precision grinding. Whether it's aluminum CNC grinders or Zinc Alloy grinders, DukeLite delivers the best quality products that are always on demand.

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DukeLite Slick Design USB Lighter

Our brand is known for the most unique lighters that capture the hearts of every individual through its breathtaking designs, encompassing the generations of tastes.

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Stainless Steel Jars

One of the best selling jars in California from DukeLite. There's just something special about them

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3D Trays with Magnetic Lids

Our holographich 3D trays are for sure to catch everyone's attention. Choose from various designs

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DukeLite is dedicated to creating products that radiate our customers' individuality and uniquness to the world

  • Our brand is about you - the customer

    We strive for quality and creativity. When working on new projects, we keep only one thing in mind - customer's happiness

  • DukeLite evolves according to the trends set by customers

    We take a big pride in making sure our customers are heard. Research analysis, questionaires, and numerous interviews with business owners and their customers are some of the ways we keep everybody involved in our future product line creation

  • Inclusiveness, Integrity, Respect

    DukeLite will always stand for societal values that make sure that everybody is respected and accepted regardless of their background, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientaiton, and political views

  • One Spark is All It Took

    We thank everybody who played a role in building and believeing in our Brand. With your support DukeLite gained a huge family scattered throughout the Southern California which include hundreds of retailers and hundreds of thousnands of returning customers